Split second from tragedy with motorbike terror –Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy said

The anti-social use of these motor bikes is a menace on the local community.


We have had a high number of complaints about the use of motorbikes and scrambler type bikes over the past few weeks. Many of the open  green spaces in the Galliagh area are being ripped up and badly damaged by these vehicles.

More worryingly is that in many cases they are being driven along the footpaths at speeds of 30 – 40mph placing pedestrians in serious danger as well as young children out playing in the street.

Many of the residents I have spoken to have said there is a real fear in the local community we are only a split second away here from a terrible tragedy.


It has been a case that people have turned a blind eye to the way these bikes are being driven about the place but it is now time that action was taken.



If anyone has information on who is behind this anti community activity then they should report it to the Housing Executive , Road Service or the PSNI .Those involved in bringing havoc and danger into our community should be prosecuted.