Sports Minister Carál NiChuilín meets with organisers of The Walled City Marathon 2014


(PHOTO)Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney with the Sports  Minister Carál NiChuilín meeting Noel McMonagle and Course Director Scott Galbraith at the Assembly to discuss The Walled City Marathon 2014.

Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said

“Ensuring that we have a lasting legacy coming out of the City Of Culture year was vitally important. I think anyone who was in Derry for Walled City Marathon could not have been touched by scenes of thousands of people lining the route, people of all ages, families.

The buzz that the Marathon created right across the city was unreal, not just on the day but in the months previous. We had hundreds of people out training at all levels and have increased levels of fitness and health. All those who took part had their own story to tell ,some did it for the achievement, some to raise money for charities others for family members they have lost through illness.

It’s very important to build on the undoubted success of last year’s event and grasp the opportunity with both hands for future marathons in the city . It was important that today’s meeting took place .