Step change required from British government and DUP – O’Neill

Sinn Féin MLA Michelle O’Neill has said a step change is required from the British government and DUP to make progress in the talks.

Speaking ahead of a public meeting held in Derry on Thursday night Michelle O’Neill said: 20170128_154209

“The recent election was a watershed moment for the people of the North.

“The people understood the importance of the election. There can be no tolerance of incompetence and financial scandals such as Red Sky, NAMA, RHI or arrogance or bigotry in public office.

“We cannot be part of institutions which are being corrupted.

“To date there has been little progress on the key political issues. The next week is critical in the political talks. The political stakes are high.

“Getting the political institutions back in place will be a challenge given the DUP’s stated position on an Irish Language Act, a Bill of Rights and other fundamental requirements, and the British government’s obstructive approach to legacy issues and other matters.

“Over recent weeks Sinn Féin has been meeting all the Assembly parties and the British and Irish Governments and setting out our plan for getting out of this mess – for getting the power sharing institutions back up and running and for securing the place of the North within the EU.

“The reality is that the British Government has abjectly failed to honour its commitments on equality and rights. They must now step up and deliver on their commitments otherwise restoring the institutions is in serious doubt.

“The institutions will not be restored without movement on these key issues. The northern Executive is not sustainable unless it delivers and respects basic equality and human rights for all our citizens.

“Our absolute commitment is to the agreements we have made and their implementation. If others including the two governments do likewise then it is game on.”