Stop vandalising salt /grit boxes –Appeals local Councillor

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has appealed that salt and grit boxes are not tampered with during the first big freeze of the winter. His appeal follows a number of complaints from residents that in some areas of the city the boxes have been kicked over or moved.  COLLY HEAD SHOT 2013

Councillor Kelly said “I would appeal to all communities to ensure that their local salt /grit boxes are not vandalised.

It may be hijinks by groups going home late at night or someone thinking it’s a funny to kick the contents of the grit box out or move it down a street. But clearly it isn’t.

Its takes a lot of lobbying with DRD Roads Service to get these boxes put in place.

They serve a very practical but important essential service and are there for the specific reason of safety of residents, motorists and pedestrians.