Stop welfare cuts campaign to be launched in Hazelbank

Sinn Féin Foyleside Councillors Mickey Cooper and Eric McGinley have called on residents and community groups to support the campaign against the proposed Tory welfare cuts.995644_742839099105490_5846638456199882466_n


Announcing the start of the campaign  the Sinn Féin Councillors said: “ This week will see Derry Sinn Féin activists deliver thousands of leaflets across the constituency highlighting the implications of the proposed Tory welfare cuts.


These cuts will impact severely on the most vulnerable in our society and those least able to afford reductions in their income.   It is not only those wholly dependent on benefits who will be affected but also those who are on low working incomes and rely on support such as working tax credits.


Sinn Féin is opposed to welfare cuts imposed by Tory millionaires and we will not be bowing to pressure from other parties in the Assembly to impose these austerity measures on our communities.


The Foyleside area includes many individuals and families who will be directly affected by the policies of the Westminster government and we will be asking residents and community organisations to sign the petitions which Sinn Féin will bring to the doorstep.


We are calling on all sections of society to join with Sinn Féin in opposing welfare cuts and helping to protect those most in need within our communities.”