Strong Sinn Féin team to represent health needs- McCallion

Every Sinn Féin MP and a number of Assembly members will be attending a series of Health Service consultations across the North today, to ensure strong representation for the needs of citizens in every constituency.

elisha mccallion
elisha mccallion

Stressing the importance of the consultations, the party’s MP for Foyle Elisha McCallion said: “Each Health Trust is holding a public board meeting at which future savings plans will be discussed so Sinn Féin feels it is crucial that we send a very strong message in every trust area that frontline services must be protected.

“All of our seven MPs and a significant number of MLAs will be in attendance to ensure the needs of all constituencies and every citizen are strongly represented.

“Our frontline services including health and education are obviously under severe pressure as a result of sustained austerity cuts on our block grant by the Tory government now supported by the DUP.

“The best way to mitigate against that is through a sustainable and credible Executive which is properly resourced to combat the impact of Tory-DUP austerity.

“In the interim however, every step must be taken to protect frontline services and Sinn Féin will be strongly arguing for spending decisions to reflect that objective in the time ahead.”