‘Substantial inequalities need tackled’ -McCartney

The latest Multiple Deprivation figures published by NISRA demonstrate the need for an anti-poverty strategy to combat ongoing inequalities, Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney  has said.

“Whilst the figures have just been published and need to be carefully studied, it is already evident from them that substantial inequalities still exist between and within communities,” he commented.

“For instance, the highest levels of multiple deprivation are still occurring in the Belfast and Derry/Strabane Council areas.

“These inequalities need to be robustly tackled if we are going to improve the lives of everyone and help them fulfil their true potential.

“It will be imperative that any incoming Executive utilises the most recent data to fully develop an anti-poverty strategy which clearly targets those most in need, setting out the actions and outcomes they plan to achieve alongside a budget for ensuring the work is carried out.

“That needs to be a priority and Sinn Féin is  continuing to engage with departmental officials as they prepare proposals for the anti-poverty strategy.”