Support Conscience Clause Bill rally in Derry -Fleming

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming has  called on people to support the rallies in Derry ,Newry and Belfast in opposition to the so-called ‘Conscience Clause Bill’
He said,
“It is imperative that as many people come out and protest against the DUP ‘Conscience Clause Bill’ and protect the rights of minorities in our society.

“On Saturday the 31st of January three rallies will take place in Derry ,Belfast, and Newry in opposition to the so called ‘Conscience Clause Bill’.  The rally in Derry will take place at 2pm in front of the Guildhall ; whilst in Belfast and Newry the rallies will commence at 3pm outside their respective city halls.

‘’We need as many people as possible to come out, loud and proud and say that discrimination against our LGB & T community is unacceptable.  We as a society must send out a very clear message that the days of banning certain sections of society from shops or services are long gone.’

‘’In the past signs read, no dogs no blacks no Irish, those signs were wrong, that discrimination was wrong and any attempt to recreate that type of discrimination today against the LGB & T community is also wrong.

“Sinn Féin will oppose any attempt to undermine the rights of all people in our society to have equal and fair service when buying goods and services.