Support for mothers who breastfeed – Duffy

Derry Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has said there is a need for support for mothers who breastfeed.

She was speaking ahead of the World Breastfeeding Week 2017sandra-duffy-pic-150x150-copy

She said:

“As a mother of two young children I am well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and that breast milk is the best form of nutrients for babies.

“In many cases there is a social stigma attached to breastfeeding. Many mothers feel uncomfortable feeding their babies in public, and this is a situation that we must address. Mothers should be able to feel relaxed when feeding their babies, not made to feel that this is a socially unacceptable practice.

“Much good work is being done to remove the barriers associated with breast feeding in public. It’s important that we support ongoing campaigns which raise awareness of this issue and promotes the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers and their families.