Support for Stormont Breaking Down Brexit rally -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper speaking ahead of the Breaking Down Brexit group is taking holding  a rally at Stormont on Wednesday at 2:00pm to coincide with the  triggering of article 50.

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“I wish to commend Border Communities Against Brexit for organising this protest at Stormont on Wednesday at 2pm to highlight the deep and widespread concerns of those living along the border counties. Locally there are serious fears along the Derry- Donegal border about the impact of Brexit and the urgent need for these concerns to be addressed by the Irish and British Governments.

In the aftermath of the recent EU referendum Sinn Féin held a series of public meetings in Derry and across Ireland and it’s clear there is a great deal of concern about the prospect of being dragged out of the EU.

In border areas in particular there is huge uncertainty over the impact on agriculture, business, trade, travel, tourism and those who cross the border on a daily basis.

The uncertainty which is already damaging trade and investment and impacting on cross-border business will be  nothing compared to the hardships which will ensue with the imposition of tariffs and the restriction of the free movement of goods, services and people on this island.

The local council will lose a massive amount of EU monies which are currently used for job creation, Rural Development and infrastructural programmes. When this money disappears post-Brexit the council will have little choice but to downsize these initiatives or else increase rates to allow these programmes to continue.

I would encourage as many people as possible to attend Wednesdays protest to send out a clear message that the triggering of article 50 is wrong and against the democratic wishes of the people of the North.