Support Trocaire appeal to help prevent Humanitarian crisis in Gaza –Kelly



Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has appealed to people in Derry ,Donegal and Tyrone to support Irish  charities working on the ground in Gaza in efforts to help the tens of thousands affected by the unfolding humanitarian crisis there, and to get food, water and urgent medical supplies in.


Councillor Kelly said


“The latest atrocities in Gaza, the results of which are being witnessed on TV screens around the world must immediately impress upon world leaders that the time for condemnation alone has passed. The international community including the Irish Government, must intensify efforts to resolve the situation before it deteriorates any further.


“There is a humanitarian disaster in Gaza as a consequence of the long standing Israeli policy of sanctions and most immediately the current Israeli assault on that region. There is a growing shortage of basic foodstuffs and fresh water because of damage to the infrastructure in Gaza. Humanitarian aid must have unhindered access to all areas of Gaza in order to provide for the population there, the local health services and aid infrastructure. Hospitals are stretched to breaking point.


“There are ways people in Derry ,Donegal and  Donegal can practically help those vital aid relief efforts by supporting Irish charities such as Trócaire.   They have been working in Israel and in Gaza since 2002 and are supporting local organisations on the ground, who are distributing urgent medical aid to vulnerable people   there. Donations can be easily made online at