Support Trocaire Christmas appeal to help prevent Humanitarian crisis in Palestine –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has appealed to people in Derry ,Donegal and Tyrone to support Irish  charities working on the ground in Palestine in efforts to help the tens of thousands affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis there, and to get food, water and urgent medical supplies in.

Councillor  Colly Kelly saidCOLLY

“In recent months  a lot of what has been going on in Palestine has been ignored by much of the world’s media. So it’s very important that we support charities that are in there doing much needed work on the ground.

One of Trocaire 2015 gifts for just £4.00 is buying an Olive tree.

The olive branch is a symbol of peace and reconciliation throughout the world. It is especially poignant in Palestine where Israel’s occupation has forced many olive farmers from their land and destroyed ancient olive groves. Your thoughtful gift of new olive trees will provide Palestinian families with a valuable source of income for generations to come.

It will also help support Palestinian and Israeli organisations working for a just and lasting peace.

There are ways people in Derry , Donegal and  Donegal can practically help those vital aid relief efforts by supporting Irish charities such as Trócaire.   They have been working in Israel and in Gaza since 2002 and are supporting local organisations on the ground, who are distributing urgent medical aid to vulnerable people  there.