Supporting People programme should not be cut – McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said that the Supporting People programme should not be cut and has arranged an urgent meeting with the CEO of the Housing Executive.

She went on say that the local Foyle Haven service cannot endure any further cutselisha-mccallion-copy

Elisha McCallion said:

“Supporting People helps some of the most vulnerable people in society to live independently, including those who are disabled, elderly, and victims of domestic violence.

“Cuts to the Supporting People programme would have serious implications for people’s well-being and will create more pressure on public finances in the long-term.

“I have arranged an urgent meeting with the Chief Executive of the Housing Executive, Clark Bailie on the back of this announcement and a number of engagements I and Karen Mullan MLA have had with the Foyle Haven.

Concluding she said

“Foyle Haven has already had to reduce their service on the back of cuts and there are other similar projects and services that cannot endure any further cuts. The Foyle Haven project provides a vital service and we will be asking the Housing Executive and others to ensure that there are no further cuts and indeed a need for committed investment.