Taoiseach must act to ensure no roll back on Brexit commitments – Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said there can be no rolling back from what was agreed in the December communique between the British government and the EU and that it must be turned into a legally binding document.
Martina Anderson said:

martina anderson
“Since the agreement between the British government and the EU in December the Tories have been trying to renege on and resile from what was agreed.
“That is why it is vitally important that what was contained in the communique is written into a legally binding treaty in its entirety as soon as possible.
“Now we have reports that the backstop that would ensure there was no regulatory divergence across the island of Ireland will not be written into the Withdrawal Agreement but included as a protocol.
“This was the backstop described by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as a ‘bullletproof’ and ‘cast iron’ guarantee. If he is serious about that then he and his government must ensure it is included in the treaty currently being drafted.
“It needs to be included in the Withdrawal Agreement and we need to see action and not just words from An Taoiseach in order to safeguard the rights of people in the north.
“We cannot allow any regression of rights and the British government cannot be allowed to role back on commitments made.” Ends/Críoch