The Irish Government must act in the plight of Ibrahim Halawa – SFRY

Sinn Féin Republican Youth today reiterated the call for the Irish Government to increase its action to secure the immediate release of Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa from prison in Eqypt.hhhhh
A spokesperson for Sinn Féin Republican Youth in Derry Caolán McGinley said:
“Ibrahim Halawa has spent over three years of his life in an Eqyptian prison without due process in the form of a trial. Ibrahim has been subject to a farcical mass trial which has been postponed 20 times already.
“In recent weeks, Ibrahim’s physical and mental health has deteriorated significantly. A recent plea from his lawyer for release on medical grounds was rejected in court by a judge. This shows a total disregard for human rights, particularly as video footage provides evidence that Ibrahim has no case to answer.
“The Taoiseach and the Irish Government must act to defend Ibrahim’s human rights through a legal trial and secure his immediate release.”