Theresa May risks Brexit crash out in attempt to appease hard Brexiteers – McDonald

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD has said that the British Government knows it must accept the agreed Withdrawal Agreement and backstop and that they must stop trying to play chicken with the EU on the verge of a crash out Brexit.

The Dublin Central TD said:

“Once again, we have the British Prime Minister acting with total disregard to the interests of Ireland, North and South.

“She continues to play chicken with the EU institutions and runs the risk of a crash out Brexit to appease the Brexiteers and the British parliament.

“There is an agreement in place. The Withdrawal Agreement and the Irish backstop cannot and should not be changed.

“The British Government and parliament are still deluding themselves that the Withdrawal Agreement can be changed.

“It is past time for the British Government and the British parliament to accept that the only alternative to a crash out Brexit is the agreement as negotiated. To delay or extend will not change that simple truth.

“We are nine days away from a crash out Brexit. The British parliament and government knows what is required; accept the Withdrawal Agreement and Backstop and get on with the process of legislation.”