Thieves target new fence at Dolans GAC -Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has condemned  vandalism and attempted theft of fencing between Dolans GAC and Ballymagowan Estate in the Creggan.

3895995549 Councillor Campbell said:

“I was contacted on Sunday morning by a member of Sean Dolan’s GAC to inform me that part of the fencing bordering the land between Dolans and the new Ballymagowan housing development was removed.  When I arrived three panels and fittings that had been removed were still lying on the ground in Dolan’s land.

It was clear that whoever was responsible  must have been disturbed   and they abandoned the panels.

“I would appeal to those responsible to desist from these actions.  The fence was erected for a purpose and Dolans GAC are now in the process of constructing the new playing pitch to the value of almost £150,000.

 This pitch is a much needed facility for  Creggan and Sean Dolans GAC  has had its fair share of vandalism over the years.

 I would appeal to those responsible to leave this fencing alone and allow the club  to get on with the construction of the pitch in peace.

Councillor Campbell also said that he will be contacting Apex Housing who own the fencing to see if there is a way of making the fencing more secure.