“Third Bridge”Piece of public art along the Foyle needs a makeover-Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has called a piece of public art along the Foyle to get a makeover.

The “Third bridge” which goes out over the river bank is close to the Foyle Valley Railway station and has a similar installation on the East Bank.

 Councillor Patricia Logue said “I first seen  the state of this art work when a number of visitors to our city posted photos of their visit online. It looked in a bad state, so I went down myself to see what it was like and its really not looking too good with graffiti and rust.And is clearly in need of a makeover.

As well as being a piece of public art it  is has now taken on another role as being a location for tourists visiting our city to get their photos taken following the hit comedy show “Derry Girls”. One of the scenes of the series was filmed  there.

We have seen in recent years how TV programmes and  films shot at locations can be a point of interest for tourists.

 I also think it wouldn’t go a miss to put a few small information plaques at this site and others to explain the artwork and also highlight it was part of a film or TV series.