Threats against Community Safety Wardens needs to be lifted.

Councillor Paul Fleming said

“I am concerned that a threat has been delivered against Community Safety Wardens in the Derry area and this needs to be lifted.???????????????????????????????
“The Community Safety Wardens are employed through Derry City Council across three areas in an effort to reduce anti social activity in high areas of risk and have been very successful in doing so right across the city and district.
“They also provide services such as ensuring council functions are carried out as well as providing a presence in the evenings and nighttime, giving confidence to local residents.
“The threat delivered through a community worker is a sinister development and the latest in a long line of threats issued against various groups and individuals in the city. 
“In fact it may now be easier to list the groups and people who are not under threat as opposed to those who are.
“The group behind these threats needs to lift them immediately and the people who give them political cover need to explain the rationale behind them.
“It is unacceptable that the community safety wardens cannot get on to providing the service that they were designed to do and that the entire community is being held under threat by an minority unrepresentative grouping.”