Throwing fireworks at buses must stop – Cllr McCallion

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion has called on those young people who seem to think it is fun to throw fireworks at buses to stop this dangerous activity.
Cllr. McCallion said:elisha new head shot 2014 2

“Throwing fireworks at buses is extremely dangerous as it could startle the driver causing him to lose control of the vehicle with unimaginable consequences.
“This activity must end immediately or Translink will have to consider suspending the service to Galliagh with all the inconvenience that will entail for residents dependent on the service.
“Parents and those supplying fireworks to teenagers must also take responsibility for this dangerous anti-community activity before we are dealing with a situation of serious injury or worse.
“I am appealing to young prople and their parents, please have this pointless and dangerous activity brought to an end.
“Parents I appeal to you, please have a chat with your kids and ask them not to take part in or encourage this type of anti-community behaviour.”