Time for truth and justice for Kathleen Thompson

Sinn Féin MLA Ciara Ferguson has said it’s time for truth and justice for Kathleen Thompson. 

Speaking on the 50th anniversary of the Derry mother’s killing by British soldiers, the Foyle MLA said:

“50 years ago today Kathleen Thompson, a Derry mother of six, was shot dead by British soldiers in her own garden. 

“For decades, the British state have tried to hide the truth about the events surrounding Kathleen’s killing. 

“And now 50 years later, the British government is attempting to place state forces who killed Irish citizens above the law through their cynical amnesty plans. 

“These plans should be abandoned and the British government should live up to their responsibilities by fully implementing the Stormont House Agreement. 

“Fifty years on, Sinn Féin stands with the Thompson family in their campaign for the truth and justice.” CRÍOCH/ENDS