Time to come together to end Galliagh violence – Mellon

Commenting after a weekend of violent incidents in the Galliagh area local Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon said

“The incidents that have taken place on the streets of Galliagh over the past few days have been well publicised. Although we have hopefully seen the end of them, people in our community are still living through the trauma and the aftermath. My thoughts are with them all.

“Petrol bombing vehicles, property damaged and violence cannot and will not be a normal occurrence. The people of Galliagh will not stand for it and rightly so.

“Galliagh is a beautiful place, it has strong and supportive neighbours both young and old, it also has an excellent community and youth workers who are ready and willing to help as always.

“We have a new community centre under construction which is a step in the right direction.

“Now is a time to come together, every community group, every neighbour, every age group, no matter your party or preference. Together, let’s create the space for dialogue, for progression of Galliagh and inclusion for all. Let’s show Galliagh for what it is at its best, not it’s worst that is all too often shown. Let’s create a new narrative, assert our right to live in a safe place that shows our children opportunity, our elderly security and everyone a sense of pride that I believe lies within us all.