Tory Brexit immigration policy will hit our economy -Jackson

Sinn Féin International spokesperson  Councillor Christopher Jackson  has said the British Government’s post-Brexit immigration policy will hit our health service and narrow opportunities for young people. 

He  said: “The whole Brexit debacle was brought about by right-wing posturing on immigration and xenophobia.

“The ending of the EU principle of freedom of movement will hit our health service in particular and limit opportunities for our young people.

“Less immigration means lower employment, a narrower skill base and ultimately a drop in living standards. It means our health service will struggle to recruit doctors and nurses. It means a loss of diversity and cultural enrichment.

“The dynamism of a modern economy largely depends on the skills and creativity of its people. Brexit will destroy that.

“Abandoning freedom of movement also deprives our young people in particular the opportunity to freely live, work, and study across Europe.

“This narrow, insular policy of the Tories and their DUP allies highlights the need for a new, progressive Ireland that celebrates diversity and its benefits.”