Tory child tax credit cuts an attack on those most in need -McCallion

Sinn Fein Foyle MLA Elisha McCallion has said Tory plans to cut child tax credits are an attack on women and those most in need.

Elisha McCallion said: dsc_4127

“Changes to the child tax credit system brought in by the Tory government are yet another attack on those most in need, particularly women.

“This benefit was brought in to help tackle child poverty but now this change in how it is operated by the Tories will actually drive more and more people into poverty.

“Stopping child tax credits payments at two children is a crude and crass form of discrimination and social engineering which is not acceptable.

“The clause where a mother can receive child tax credits for a third child if she can prove the child was conceived through rape is disgusting and will only traumatise women further.

“It will also have a disproportionate impact on the north where the average family is traditionally larger than those in England.

“Once again this is a Tory attack on those most in need and i would urge anyone concerned about child tax credits to seek the help of a benefits advisor.”