Traffic gridlock at busy Racecourse roundabout – Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has welcomed moves by Transport NI to resolve traffic gridlock at the major roundabout at the junctions of Racecourse and Ballyarnett Roads.

Councillor Duffy said “I have been liaising with Transport NI (formally Roads Service) over the past year regarding traffic management on the Racecourse Road at Ballyarnett Road roundabout , particularly in the mornings.

sandra duffy
sandra duffy

I had been contacted again this week again by local residents regarding the issue.

They were really concerned about the junction and were saying that it was traffic chaos there , with cars resorting to driving on the footpath and that five minute journeys were taking forty-five minutes to an hour.

I got back in contact with Transport NI and asked them to repeat a survey they conducted in May.

They have come back to me to say they observed the road and the junction for that last number of days and they agree that the traffic is very heavy.

As an interim measure to see if it helps they will now resequence the traffic lights at Bradleys Pass to prevent the back up of traffic here, which in turn should ease the flow of traffic coming off the Ballyarnett Roundabout.

I welcome this interim solution and look forward to meeting with Transport NI to look at other options that would help alleviate this highly frustrating situation for local residents.