Transformation of Bishop street car park -Logue

Sinn Féin Patricia Logue has welcomed the transformation of the area in and around the Bishop Street Car Park.  

In February 2020 she proposed at a planning meeting of Derry City and Strabane District Council that there should be improved visual and pedestrian permeability of the car park improving its use as a public facility while enhancing its impact upon surroundings within the Historic City Conservation Area, including the city walls and surrounding listed buildings. And that proposed interventions include the removal of inappropriate/unsightly boundary structures on Bishop Street and Stable Lane along with the car park boundaries adjacent to the Freemason’s Hall and St Augustine’s Parochial Hall. The improvement of pedestrian access with a new ramp leading to Palace Street and additional access points from Bishop Street and Stable Lane. 

Councillor Logue said “I am very pleased to have seen this work progress following my proposal at a council meeting away back in February 2020.This work has really opened up the area and made it a lot brighter and cleaner looking and made the car park more accessible. 

“A number of people have commented to me this week that it makes our historic City Walls and a number of buildings in the area far more visible. 

“It’s important that we use every opportunity to improve our city centre for citizens and visitors alike.