Transport NI cutback hazard of overgrown trees/bushes New Road -Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly said WP_20161011_12_15_35_Pro

Last week a number of people had been in contact with me about the state of overgrown trees and bushes on the New Road. It was very overgrown and was a health and safety hazard for anyone walking either up or down this footpath.

I spoke to Transport NI regarding this and even though it is not their land which was overgrown they agreed that they would cut the trees and bushes back due to it being a health and safety risk. They have now carried out this work and I would like to thank them for their quick response.

This will only temporarily solve the problem. There needs to a wider discussion around  the ownership of this land, as at the minute we are in limbo.

I have been in contact with the Council, Housing Executive and Transport NI as this seems to be unvested land and in previous years I have met with Housing Executive and the city solicitor regarding who has ownership and this is still to be resolved.