Tus Maith team carry out major clean up in city –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has congratulated staff from the TRIAX Tus Maith team who undertook a major clean-up operation of the laneways in the Marlborough, Oakfield and Windsor Terrace area.

Councillor Colly Kelly
Councillor Colly Kelly

he said

The footpaths in many of the laneways are badly worn; there is a lot of vegetation, weeds and moss on the lanes. This is causing particular problems for older residents who fear slipping on it putting out their bins.  It was also causing problems for the likes of oil deliveries in the likes of Windsor Terrace and up around Marlborough and Oakfield areas.

I felt it was important to do something to help residents who had contacted me on these issues before the harshness of winter approached. I am very pleased that  the staff from the TRIAX Tus Maith team did a great job. Local residents have asked me through the press to convey their thanks for the work carried out.