Ulster Boxing Championships set for Shantallow Community Centre-McLaughlin

Photo Sinn Féin Shantallow representative Neil McLaughlin  and Sandra Duffy outside St Josephs Boxing club.
Sinn Féin Shantallow representative Neil McLaughlin  has welcomed the news that the Ulster Boxing Council will be holding their 9 County Boxing Championships in the Shantallow Community Centre this weekend with the final next Saturday.
“This is a massive event for the local community, it has been many years since Boxing at this level was held in the Shantallow area.It will see numerous young people, their coaches and their families from across Ulster come into the local area, and we will give them a massive warm Shantallow welcome.”
“This is particularly special to myself, with my families long involvement in the sport.I know my Father would be very proud to see the Sport return to Shantallow. I would like to thank the Ulster Council for arranging the event in the area”.