Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness welcomes Derry jobs announcement‏

Speaking today after it was announced today  that Kainos Software Ltd is creating new jobs in Derry and Belfast with 30 new  IT  jobs coming to Derry gerry and martin

The deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said: “Today is just the latest chapter in the Kainos success story. I congratulate Kainos for this investment with the new jobs contributing £12.4 million annually in salaries to the local economy. These jobs will create opportunities for both highly experienced technical staff as well as graduates entering the world of work.

“Kainos has kept a sharp customer focus with an emphasis on delivering quality products and services. This, backed up by attracting and retaining the very best people in digital technology, has fuelled their momentum. The £5million investment in staff skills will prepare their employees for the company’s expansion in both existing and new markets.

“The Executive is determined to keep creating jobs in the private sector and create an environment which is ‘pro-business’. I am pleased 30 of these new jobs will be based in Derry. We are working to ensure the appropriate support infrastructure for both existing and potential investors is in place across the north of Ireland.”