Urban park getting ripped up by motorbikes -Mullan

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan has appealed for those causing substantial damage to an Urban Park in Creggan with motorbikes and scramblers to stop. 

She was speaking after receiving a number of complaints from residents in Ballymagowan and users of the park. 

Karen Mullan said “It’s nothing short of disgraceful that a park which is relatively new and is heavily used by the local community is being vandalised in this way. Party colleague Cllr Tina Burke and I have been dealing with complaints about this for the past week and have been in discussions with Apex Housing to see if we can come up with solutions to prevent further damage  

“The park is used by local people out walking, taking their children outside to use the greenspace and there are also 5  aside pitches. The last thing we want to see is it being destroyed. 

“Young people on motorbikes and scramblers are entering the park and driving across the green spaces , ripping up anything in their path and causing an awful mess .They are also endangering the people using the park and residents as they drive through busy streets to get to the Urban park. 

“This needs to stop ,parents of those who own these motorbikes need to step up to the mark and stop it. If they want to drive motorbikes it should be off road in a controlled and safe environment not a park land in the middle of Creggan.