US delegation meet with McGuinness family

The General Presidents of two of the biggest trade unions in the US, who were among the first to endorse the McGuinness Principles campaign, will meet the family of Martin Mc Guinness this week in Derry.

Terry O’Sullivan, President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America and John Samuelsen President of the Transport Workers Union are in Ireland with a delegation of North American Union leaders including several other General Presidents.

Speaking ahead of visiting Derry on Wednesday, they commented: “The Mc Guinness Principles is an initiative launched by Irish American organisations, activists and union leaders aimed at helping secure the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Martin’s sons Fiachra and Emmet travelled to DC and New York in April last year for the launch of the campaign.

“The campaign was named in recognition of Martin McGuinness’ s commitment to freedom, justice and the reunification of Ireland.

“Martin McGuinness was proud to work with Irish America and we are proud to continue his work to realise the shared vision of a united Ireland that cherishes all the Irish people equally.”

The campaign has four main aims, a Bill of Rights, full statutory equality for the Irish language, legacy inquest funding and a referendum on Irish Unity.

Resolutions have already been passed in a number of legislatures by Irish American organisations and by the James Connolly Irish American Labor Coalition.