Vandalism on Glenowen walkway needs to stop -Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly is worried someone will be injured if vandalism on the walkway between Glenowen and the Creggan Country Park continues.IMG_0118


Councillor Kelly said,


“I attended the walkway today following complaints from local people to view the vandalism carried out along the path including the removal of a cover on a lamp post exposing bare wires.


“If a child interferes with these wires then there is a chance of electrocution causing death or severe injury.


“There was also a burned out wheelie bin which was full of rubbish which is now scattered along the footpath posing a hazard for pedestrians especially the elderly of people with prams.


“I have been in contact with the relevant agencies in order to have these issues resolved and I would appeal to people to stop destroying their own area through mindless vandalism.”