Vandals cause trail of destruction at Creggan Country Burn

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper commenting after a trail of destruction at the Creggan Country Burn  walk way on Friday night

Councillor Mickey Cooper said “I was contacted by a local resident who would use the park on a daily basis and its the first time they have seen anything on this scale.dsc_0043

The contents of the bins were strewn across the walkways with broken class and rubbish everywhere .A newly installed dog waste bin was ripped from its fixtures , with its contents all over the place.

I have been in contact with the council to try and get the area cleaned up and repairs carried out as soon as possible due to health concerns particularly with the dog waste bin.

Its disgusting that anyone would do this sort of thing to a public amenity, which the people of the greater Rosemount area have been waiting on for years.