Sinn Féin Councillor for the Culmore area Tony Hassan has condemned those people who vandalised and tried to et fire the former Thornhill College on Culmore Road on Friday night.


Councillor Tony  Hassan said,lg_tony_hassan_copy2


The former Thornhill College on the Culmore Road was the subject of yet another break-in at the weekend by vandals who came prepared with equipment to pull off shutters and then go on a wrecking spree within the buildings.


This former school complex has been a magnet for anti-social activity and thieves over the past year. It has been subjected to numerous arson attempts and the latest attack on Friday night saw materials piled together to prepare for a fire but by sheer good luck it either didn’t take hold or the culprits were disturbed.


There have been reports that youths are being dropped off in cars to congregate on this area, this behaviour and use of this redundant school complex is a huge concern for residents and the community.


We would urge parents to know where their young ones are and advise them to stay away from this precarious site. These buildings and lands are in a very dangerous state and are not a playground or safe place to congregate.


There is a planning application lodged with Derry and Strabane District Council with proposals to convert this redundant site into a retirement village and riverside walk etc. Under the newly released Strategic Growth Plan for Derry and Strabane 2017-2032 it predicts the over 65+ population in the district will increase by 66% in that period.


Sinn Féin are committed to ensuring that we plan for this projected growth in the aging population within our area and we are actively working to ensure our elderly are catered for in terms of suitable accommodation and care.


With this in mind we will be asking Derry and Strabane Council to expedite processing the planning application for this site so as the anti-social activity is dealt with immediately and that bespoke retirement facilities and infrastructure for our aging population is further provided for.