Vandals start fire at Bogside Brandywell Republican Monument

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has condemned vandals who started a fire within yards of the Bogside and Brandywell Republican Monument overlooking the Lecky Road on Thursday night.20170309_205150

Councillor Kelly said “I got a phone call from a local resident just before 9pm to say trees within yards of the main monument were on fire. When I went there I was met by a group of 6-8 young  people aged between 15-17 years old. The flames were shooting up from the trees and they had an old sofa sitting right in the middle of the monument.

A number of local residents also came on the scene and were met with a lot of verbal and bad language from the group before they ran off up the banking towards Bishops Street.

Thankfully the Fire Brigade were quickly on the scene and put the fire out.

He went on to say

I would just make an appeal for people to respect the area in and around this monument which is dedicated to the memory of the Republican patriot dead from the Bogside ,Brandywell and Bishop Street areas .And for this nonsense to stop.