“Vesting decision at Thornhill accident spot welcome” McKnight

Sinn Féin Ballyarnett Councillor, Caoimhe McKnight has welcomed the decision by the Department for Infrastructure to make a vesting order to acquire lands necessary to provide a bus turning circle at an accident spot in Ballyarnett close to Thornhill College.

Councillor McKnight commented:

“Back in October 2018 following an accident involving a young girl I initiated discussions with Road Service and Translink to lobby for just such a safety measure in the vicinity of this accident.

“I believe this is the right decision in the interests of students and other pedestrians and road users and I look forward to the vesting process being carried out quickly and to the eventual benefit of all concerned including the landowner.

“I commend Road Service and Translink for the helpful and positive approach they took to this issue when I approached them. I look forward to continued cooperation in completing this project quickly.” CRÍOCH/END