Warning over bogus callers –Cllr Patricia Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has urged residents in the Bogside  and Creggan to be on the alert  for bogus callers ,she made her appeal  after reports that a man dressed with a high visibility jacket had called at homes in the area saying he was carrying out work for a Gas company.

Councillor Patricia Logue
Councillor Patricia Logue


Councillor Logue said “I am aware of a number of incidents across the district of someone calling at homes saying he was from the a Gas company when clearly he wasn’t. This can be a very frightening experience at the time and for weeks after when people start thinking about someone trying to gain access to their homes.

“I would call upon people in Derry to be on their guard particularly in the dark nights . There are a number of steps that people can take to ensure the callers are genuine. If people are in doubt they should request to see identification, furthermore they can secure the door with a chain before answering the door, alternatively if the caller is genuine, they will be able to provide a phone number and business address for the person to call to make sure they are genuine.

“There is an old adage which states ‘prevention is better than a cure’ so I am calling upon people to play their part in reducing such incidents by taking a few small measures as outlined