Warning over bogus charity collections in Grangemore -Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly said

Councillor Colly Kelly
Councillor Colly Kelly

“I am making this urgent appeal following being contacted by a constituent about bogus charity collections in the general upper Creggan Hill area of the city.

The resident who contacted me challenged a number of young people in the Grangemore Park area this week and it subsequently turned out they were collecting sponsorship money under false pretences. He then contacted the PSNI and made them aware of the situation.

Anyone who is asked on their doorstep by children under 16 years of age for sponsorship, should first of all ask them for proper identification. Children under 16 will not be authorised by any charity to do door to door collections.

 If you are still unsure ask for a contact number of the charity for verification and if you don’t get any satisfaction contact the police.