Warning over counterfeit money circulating in Derry -Cllr Tony Hassan

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has  warned  small businesses and residents in the Shantallow area and throughout the city to be on their guard against counterfeit currency, in particular £20 notes which have been circulating over the last 48 hours.???????????????????????????????

Councillor Hassan said “I have been contacted by a number of small businesses in the locality who have been caught with counterfeit money in the last 48 hours. They have told me it is has been with £20 Bank of England notes and said that they are of very good quality.

They asked me to put a warning out through the local media  to prevent other businesses and members of the public  getting  caught out. Many small businesses are working on very tight margins so the loss of  even £40 -£60 in one day is a big hit.