Waste collection issuesin the Triangle area of the Waterside -Jackson

Sinn Féin Councillor Christopher Jackson has  called for urgent  action to be taken to resolve the waste collection issues that are facing some residents in the Triangle area of the Waterside

Councillor Jackson saidChristopher TOH 1

“Residents in Duddys Court have told me that they  haven’t had their household waste collected for almost a month as council are refusing to lift the brown bags that they use to dispose of their waste for health and safety reasons.

This has resulted in dozens of these bags left sitting outside the homes of those affected. They believe that this poses a serious environmental health risk, and worryingly there is also the risk that these bags could be set on fire, trapping residents inside their homes.

The Housing Executive are currently planning to install rubbish shoots in the area that would help solve this problem but this work isn’t due to be completed for at least three months.

The fact that these residents are required to use the brown bags to dispose of their waste is unacceptable in 2015 , as everywhere else in the can  city avail of wheelie bins. This area seems to have been left behind when it comes to waste collection.I will be doing all i can to have this resolved as quickly as possible.