We need to unlock potential of the H2 site in 2016 –Hassan

Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson, Councillor Tony Hassan said new thinking is needed on how to end the social housing crisis in the city.tony-sandra-and-elisha-shantallow-oct-2013-c-mc-menamin-pics-(72)


We are now in 2016 and over 2,400 family’s are homeless and in housing stress in the city


In his new years message Councillor Tony Hassan said


We are now into 2016 and still over 2400 family’s are in housing stress and in a homeless situation with hundreds of family’s living in temporary accommodation and overcrowded conditions.


This year we will  see hundreds of new homes  being built on the Skeoge lands and in other parts of the city but this is still not enough to stop the crisis that we are in at present, new thinking is needed to get us out of this crisis .


We need to put in place a strategic plan that will allow us to tackle the chronic shortage in social housing. The Housing Minister should bring his department officials together with the Housing Executive, Housing Associations in conjunction with local Councils. And bring finance to the table to create an imaginative strategic plan to help eradicate the numbers of people who are homeless in this city and in the north of Ireland.


The proposed building of much-needed social housing on the H2 site at Buncrana Road should be brought on line without further delay and it could be used as a blueprint to tackle the housing crisis. In July i raised concerns brought to me if agreement was not found on the way forward around the future development of the site that some developers may just have to hand the land over  to the banks it’s that dire.We need clarity on this issue as a matter of urgency.

I have been campaigning for action on this site for many years and we need to unlock its potential and get the diggers and builders on this site