William Street residents fed up with boy racers -Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has said that residents in the William Street  and Brewster’s Close area have been in contact him with about late night noise caused by  so called “boy racers” in William Street car park.

Councillor Colly Kelly

Councillor Kelly said “Residents have been in contact about late night noise being created by so called “boy racers” in the William Street car park.

This seems to be a growing problem with groups being displaced from other areas of the city and who are now congregating there.

We all know that William Street is one of the busiest streets in the city and residents have to put up with a lot particularly at night time.

The last thing they need on top of that is a couple of people thinking they are auditioning for a part in an episode of  Top Gear within yards of local homes .

It’s important that we find a lasting resolution to this issue. This is a busy car park during the day and at night time is used by many people going into the city centre so there has be a balancing  act to what can be done with access to the car park.

I will be in contact with the City Council, PSNI and Transport NI to see what can be done and what efforts they have used in other areas of the city to tackle this problem.