Work starts on Hazelbank entrance revamp – Fleming

Sinn Féin Foyleside representative Hayleigh Fleming has thanked the Glen Men’s Shed for their help in cleaning up the welcome stones at the entrance to Hazelbank ,new plants have been  added to the green space there by the Housing Executive .Hayleigh Fleming said

“Earlier this month I held a meeting with the Housing Executive and Community Restorative Justice (CRJ) to look at all possible options at revamping the welcome feature in Hazelbank. We also explored ideas for doing a revamp to the green space opposite Shanreagh Park. There will be another meeting with the architect to draw up the plans.

“Since that initial meeting I have been working with the local Glen Men’s Shed group who have done a great job in cleaning up the welcoming stone, And the Housing Executive have also put in new planters.

 “It’s amazing to see how quickly the entrance looks a lot better with this piece of work.“In the times ahead, I hope much bigger ideas can be worked on to revamp this entire  area.