Yet another attempt by Foster to deflect from RHI scandal – McCallion

Sinn Féin’s Elisha McCallion  has said Arlene Foster’s criticism of a plan to reduce health service waiting lists is yet another desperate attempt by the DUP leader to distract attention from the RHI scandal.


She  said;

“Arlene Foster’s criticism of a plan put forward by Health Minister Michelle O’Neill to reduce waiting lists is pathetic.

“It is yet another attempt by Arlene Foster to distract the public’s attention from the DUP’s botched handling of the RHI scheme.

“£30m is being lost to the public purse this year as a result of the DUP’s botched RHI scheme – that would cover the health minister’s plan to reduce waiting lists in 12 months.

“Despite these attempts to deflect attention the public can see what is really happening and will have their say on DUP arrogance and  incompetence at the pol