Young mountain bikers dicing with death -Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has called on parents to use what ever influence they can to urge teenagers in Creggan and the Bogside to ensure when they are taking bicycles out that they have front and back lights and are wearing helmets and they ride their bikes safely on the road.

He made his comments after several incidents in recent weeks when groups of teenagers on bikes drove across the path of oncoming traffic and just by sheer luck avoided accidents.

He said “Several residents in Creggan contacted me about young people dangerously riding their bicycles in groups across the path of oncoming vehicles and on number of recent occasions just by sheer luck accidents have been narrowly avoided.

“On most of these occasions the young people were riding mountain type bikes, had no lights nor were wearing safety gear. From what these residents have told me it seems to be a dare or bravado in carrying out these actions.

“I had a personal experience on Friday night past, when three young lads on mountains bikes cut across front the car I was  travelling down Westland Street in and they were away in a matter of seconds.It left all of us in the car in a bit of shock of what could have been if the car had hit any of them.

“I am making an appeal to parents if your teenage son or daughter has a bike ,has it lights?, is your child getting caught  up in such incidents?.

“We all know it only takes seconds for an accident to occur and if this appeal prevents one accident or saves a life it will be worth it.