Youths attempt to vandalise road traffic signs -Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has appealed for young people not to vandalise traffic islands on the Lonemoor Road.


Councillor Kelly said “I was contacted by a motorist who was angered that a group of  young lads were attempting to damage signage on a traffic island at the junction of the Brandywell  Road and Lonemoor Road.

He said the young lads were laying across the plastic traffic signs trying to break them .When he shouted at them to stop they ran off down the Brandywell Road.

They may not understand the serious of their actions. This section of road has seen a number of very serious accidents over recent years road signs and markings are very important in efforts to prevent any accidents. So I am making appeal for a bit of common sense here and would appeal for this to stop.