“Youths creating mayhem in their own community” –Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has condemned a spate of anti-community behaviour around Central Drive and the Creggan shops over the last number of days.

Councillor Campbell said:kevin-campbell

“There had been a number of incidents since last Sunday night which has left a lot of residents very angry. On Sunday night youths began throwing pieces of plaster board at passing cars on Central Drive almost causing an accident, they then began throwing the plaster board all over the shops leaving an awful mess which residents were disgusted with.

“The same group of youths then turned their attention to the back lane between Central Drive and Rinmore Drive setting fire to four wheelie bins. The back lane in question is narrow and the four bins were placed together against a resident’s back wall close to the oil tank and set alight. The residents tried to put the fire out themselves, but it was too intense and were forced to call the Fire Brigade to deal with it.

“People should not have to put up with this type of behaviour. A number of properties are having major renovation work done to their homes by Housing Executive and this work has been long overdue. The tenants have been decanted and some youths in the area are using the work site as a stomping ground and creating mayhem in their own community.

“I am directly appealing to these youths to desist from this negative activity immediately, this is your own community you are destroying. I am also appealing to parents to take responsibility and be aware where your children are at”.